Fulfilled industrial projects

Industrial pilot plants as applied research projects

A: production plants established in UAE (Gulf Sail Eng.Co )www.gulfctrd.ae. Abu Dhabi)  (2004-2007)and Sharija (2007)
  1. Production of concrete super plasticizers and water reducer SPS 205,.
  2. Production of concrete hyper plasticizers and excellent water reducer based on poly carboxyl ate derivatives, HSP-205.
  3. Production of concrete Water reducing admixtures: WR-205
  4. Production of concrete water proof WP 205.
  5. Production of Gypsum Board , Dry wall .
  6. Gypsum additives: Fire retardants, water proof, water reducer.
  7. High quality fast setting concrete. (speed Crete ) (Technical data sheet is available)
C: Production plants established In Iraq:
  1. Production plant for thermal insulating pads for the benefit of the General co. for Iron Industry 2000-2003. Annual production (up 3000 set /year), Pat No. 2880(2001).
  2. Production plant for thermal resistant cement (Refcot) 5000 ton /y for the benefit of the General co. of Iron Industry 2000-2003, Patent No. 3006(2001).
  3. Production plant for Tandac for the benefit of the General co. of Iron Industry production cap. 1500 ton /y, Patent No. 3007 (2001).
  4. Production plant for thermal Impad with the total prod. Cap. 4000 unit /year for the benefit of the general co. of Iron industry (patent pending 2002).
  5. Production plant for polyamines as epoxy hardeners (2002) .
  6. Production plant for crystalline wax grade A for the benefit of the Gen. Co. for pulping industry, 2001, patent no 3157 (2002)) Used for coating graphite electrodes and vessels.
  7. Production plant for demulsifiers for the benefit of the southern oil co. Basra.
  8. Production plant for dispersing agents used for environmental protection for the benefit of the general co. of Iraqi  ports (2003) .
  9. Production plant for producing equilibrium fertilizers (2001) for the benefit of the southern Fertilizer co.., Pat. No. 2543(1994).
  10. production of water stop hydrogel for under ground water flow prevention For the benefit of the Gen. Co. for electrical energy production 2000 (patent pending 2002).
  11. production of catholic protection systems with suitable sacrificed electrodes for the benefit of :
    1. Southern Oil Company
    2. Electrical energy production co. Nasiria
  12. New technology for production of polyester polyol for polyurethane production For the benefit of the Al –Rasheed co. (2000), Patent no. 3070 (2002).
  13. New technology for production electrical insulating pulping sheets used for the production of electrical transformers For the benefit of Al-Kadisia Gen. Co. For electrical industries, patent no. 3169 (2003).
  14. Production of soil stabilizers as hydrogel equilibrium fertilizers for the benefit of the southern fertilizer co. Basra, (2002).
  15. New technology for production solid epoxy for powder coating three layer coating for under ground pipes For the benefit of Gen. Co. Iron Indus, Patent No. 2272(1990).
  16. Production plant for Basradite (cold curing epoxy adhesive) (1992), patent no. 1650 (1984).
  17. New technology for activating waste epoxy resins (waste recycling) for solid epoxy production, epoxy adduct hardener)…etc.
  18. Production of electrical insulating resins for manufacturing roof fan coils. For the benefit of Gen. Co. Al-Kadisia electrical industry, patent no. 2671(1997).
  19. Production of UV stabilizers for benefit of  petrochemical complex 2002.
  20. Production plant for polyethylene alloys (IPNs) suitable for flooring as antacid Pat. No 2951(2001).For benefit of: petrochemical complex Electrical energy Production Company.
  21. Production of industrial solid wax from wax waste of southern Basra Refinery For benefit of Basra refinery. (The achievement honored the national environment prize for 2002 attached).
  22. Production of conductive PVC reinforced bags for the benefit of the petrochemical complex 1000 bags /year (2002).
  23. Productions of Ceramic metal casting ablative molds For the benefit of Al-somood Gen. Co. (2002) prod. Cap. 30 set/month diameter 700*3000 mm height.
  24. Production of casting mold feeder (Rizers) for the benefit of Al-Naser Gen. Co.(2002).
  25. Production of emergency ablative containers for molten metals, lined with thermal insulating pads, For the benefit of Al-shaheed Gen. Co. 2002 for copper manufacturing Industries, Patent pending No. 260(2002).
  26. Design and production of fully computerized system for floor lining with polyethylene as anti acids for the benefit of Al-Fao Gen. Eng. Co., 2003 Patent pending 409/2002.
  27. Production of basement for inductive furnaces for benefit of Al-Hateen Gen. Co. 2002.
  28. Technology for production of SBR from waste materials for civil engineering applications, For the benefit of Al-Fao Gen. Eng. Co. 2002 (patent pending).
  29. New technology for activating and regeneration of ion exchange resins and new applications for the waste resins for the benefit of southern electrical Energy Producing Co., Patent pending 41/2003.
  30. Production of casting wax for fine casting applications for the benefit of Al-Kadisia Gen. co. for electrical Industries.
  31. New roots for rehabilitation of cooling towers adopting local plastic materials for the benefit of:
    1. Basra refinery (2000)
    2. Gen. Co. for Iron industries (2002)
  32. Technology for pipe imbedding by using active polyethylene IPNs (2002) for the benefit of Gen. Co. for Iron industries.
  33. Production of Biocide for water-cooling towers For the benefit of southern fertilizers Gen. Co. 2003.
  34. New technology for lining Iron pipes with polyethylene IPN for the benefit of southern electrical energy producing Co. 2002.
  35. Production of constant volume balloons from PE for meteorological uses (2003).
  36. Production of the conductive polyethylene films For the petrochemical complex.
  37. Production of Si-PE IPNs for fiber optics cable shielding for the benefit of petrochemical complex (2002).
  38. Production of thermal insulators for lining the boilers for the benefit of southern electrical producing Co. (2003).
  39. New technology to produce plastisols for self adhering envelopes for the benefit of Gen. Co. for purpling Industry, Basra (2003).
  40. production of RTV silicon Rubber (2001) For the benefit of Ibn-Sina Gen. Co, Patent No. 3069(2001).
Outstanding achievement in the field reactive chemicals for drug industry and medical applications


  1.  New Technology for producing Hydroxy urea as anti cancer Reactive material, Pharm No. 765 (2002) (Pilot scale).
  2. Production of chloroxylenol as raw material for detergents from local. Starting materials, Pharm. No. 204/646(2002).
  3. Production of povidone-iodine active material as anti septing agent, bench scale, Pharm No. 923/647 (2002).
  4. Production line for Gypsum for Bon fixation, Pilot plant, 2002, Patent No. 3157(2002).
  5. New technology for production of povidone Iodide from local raw materials for antiseptic uses (2002).
  6. Amylon format Iodine
  7. Production of Rodant Glue from local materials, Pharm. No. 916/648(2003).